My heart is free

Written on Thursday, October 21, 2021

Clouds send rain

I walk with speed

to keep warm

Leaves blow in a

diagonal in front of


Poplars whoosh and bend

dogs bark at each other as

I sip water

and stand near

a parked boat.

My boat is on the waves

they’ve settled

and it bobs up and down

as I relax

from the tempest.

My heart is free

in wide open spaces

not crowded and

suffocated by

cement and trains.

I look for

the snow geese

in the sky

as I sip my decaf.

Life is not as smooth

as my peanut butter

on toast

but surely it is as

sweet as the

homemade roasted

plum jam

from a friend.

I praise the Lord

for this day!


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